Things To Do Today in Boston for St. Patrick’s Day!

Whether you celebrate at your local pub or come Southie for the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, there is plenty to do in Boston this weekend.

St. Patrick’s Day 5K Road Race

The first 600 participants to arrive at the annual 5k road race will receive a long-sleeved green race shirt designed by Celtic pink rock band Dropkick Murphys. Sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club, the race hosts 1,760 runners and starts on 230 W 6th Street in South Boston.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

South Boston will be hosting the St. Patrick’s Day parade tomorrow, March 18. Spectators can look forward to colorful floats and Irish American live bands and leprechauns galore.


St. Patrick’s Day Festival

This two-day festival hosted by Harpoon Brewery in South Boston is filled with Irish food, music and most of all, beer! There is a free shuttle from South Station to the brewery to make traveling easier for attendees.

Irish Film Festival

Irish cinema fans are in for a real treat! This 4-day festival includes short films, premieres, documentaries and more.

Irish Heritage Trail

The Irish Heritage Trail is a popular go-to on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston, which is considered the most Irish American city. The trail is filled with three-centuries worth of Irish contributions to the Americas and features statutes from Irish politicians and contributors to Boston today.

Dropkick Murphy’s Concert at House of Blues

Tickets are still available for the Celtic punk rock group at the House of Blues tonight. After months on tour, they are returning to Boston for another epic performance.

-Allen A Garzone II, Garzone Real Estate, Inc, Boston Real Estate Agent

Top 5 Bars in Boston

Boston is a city where you can get some of the best brews and cocktails in the country. Here are the best bars, wineries and breweries in the city.

Eastern Standard

boston eastern standard

528 Commonwealth Ave., Boston

Eastern Standard has a reputation of being THE flagship bar of Boston. Any time one comes to Back Bay, this is a destination pub. Often rated by various beverage and brewery associations nationally as the best, the french brassiere attracts locals and tourists from all around. It is the a staple in the Kenmore

Back Bar

boston backbar

Address: 7 Sanborn Court, Somerville

Looking to impress a friend or a colleague from out of town, take them here. The Drink of the Week is always impressive. Good luck finding the bar, though. It has a door with hardly any indication of it being there. However the drinks make the hunt worth it.

State Park

boston state park

Address: One Kendall Square, Building 300 (Lower Level), Cambridge

This vintage bar has hipster vibes all year long.this laid-back spot is like visiting a bar in Anytown, USA. Whether to grab some big city food or drinks, this is a place where new friendships were made at the shuffleboard table. Enjoy the old-school analog jukebox while the bartender shakes you up a stiff drink.

OAK Long Bar + Kitchen

boston oak bar

138 St. James Ave., Boston

Located in the heart of Back Bay, the hand-crafted cocktails in the Fairmont Copley Plaza gives a modern twist of farm-style tables and delicious food. It’s warm ambiance and vaulted ceilings bring visitors back long after their Fairmont stay. This is a popular spot for mature crowds after 5.

Straight Law Bar

straight law boston

Address:999 Beacon St., Brookline

named after the cocktail, Straight is located inside a Tapas bar and has a broad selection of cocktails to choose from. It’s extensive wine collection makes this a hotspot for wine and cocktail lovers with great pairings of cheeses and other delicious entrees.


-Allen A Garzone II, Garzone Real Estate, Inc, Boston Real Estate Agent

Boston’s 2018 Real Estate Trends Look Promising

Boston’s housing project have condominiums sprouting up in the hottest neighborhoods with steep price tags–and they are priced to sell. A penthouse under construction in Back Bay’s newest developing luxury condominium on One Dalton Street could have a asking price of $40 million.

And it could actually sell. If so, it would break a new record of New England’s biggest home trade in history.

The luxury condominium will be paired with the Four Seasons and will be the tallest residential building in Boston by the end of 2018. It is already visible on Boston’s skyline.

Going back to Boston’s housing project and the Mayor;s effort to add 53,000 new housing units by 2030, this is causing a rent plateau–rental prices are staying stagnant and even decreasing in some areas with new homes becoming available.

If the mortgage interest rate is capped or eliminated, it could lead of prospective home-buyers reconsidering their options and those who are renting staying put.

Boston is still a hot market for Amazon’s second headquarters. Amazon will announce it’s selection for the next headquarters in the spring.


-Allen A Garzone II, Garzone Real Estate, Inc, Boston Real Estate Agent

Real Estate of Two Cities: Boston vs. Philadelphia

With Superbowl LII a few days away, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles’ respective cities are more alike in other ways than football: real estate. While Boston is a commercial real estate mecca and the other is still upcoming compared to the latter.

Commercial Leasing


Greater Boston has over 210 million square feet of office space and 11% vacancy, with the city of Boston toting only 11.1 million square feet and a 2.5% vacancy at the end of 2017.


The Greater Philadelphia area is seeing an increase in rent of market space due to popularity in the city’s suburban areas. Greater Philadelphia has a 13% vacancy while the city has 10.9% vacancy.


Residential Leasing


Boston remains one of the highest places to rent a one bedroom apartment. The rent is nearly a quarter higher than the rest of the country. Boston Mayor Martin Walsh is looking to add 53,000 more units to the city by 2030 and is currently building Boston’s tallest residential complex in it’s Back Bay neighborhood, projected to be 740-feet-tall. When it comes to building multifamily units, Boston is lagging behind the rest of the country.


Although Philadelphia is still one of the most affordable cities on the east coast, new land developments is slowly increasing rental rates. Majority of the affordability in Philly are linked to its lower-income based neighborhoods. The city has more single-family houses than apartments, and even a construction boom will not change that because of the size of the city.

Life Sciences


Boston is #1 for the life sciences and is the largest-funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Available lab space is at a bare minimum, with a less than 1% vacancy in the Cambridge area and 3% vacancy in the Greater Boston area.


While Philadelphia simply cannot compare to Boston’s life sciences market, it’s efforts are impressing. The University City Science Center is home to incubation center, the rent is lower than in Boston with many labs available for rental.



For the first time in a long time, the Boston supply and demand for industrial rent. The vacancy for the Greater Boston area is at 7%. Warehouse developers are now looking into when to start building multistory warehouse units in Boston.


South Philadelphia is home to Lehigh Valley and South Jersey, the country’s largest industrial complexes. With never-ending construction in the areas, the supply of warehouse space is struggling to meet the demand. The premiere location on the east coast will keep Philly a key player in the industrial sector.



Newbury Street is still the center of commerce for tourists and neighboring areas are spilling over with shopping center. Developers think Boston may still be under-retailed.


While Philly remain a nation hot spot for food and beverage, retail is looming behind with King of Prussia mall still being the #1 shopping destination. However, many neighborhood shopping centers in suburban Philadelphia are scarce outside of restaurants.

Amazon 2nd Headquarters?


Boston’s talent in tech and universities make the city a leading competitor for Amazon’s second headquarters. However, housing affordability serves as a downfall. The city is using this as a way to upgrade it’s transit and build more housing units.


Philly has great tech talent, is more affordable, diverse and is located to CEO Jeff Bezos’ home in Washington, D.C. Although the city of brotherly love has a great transit system, Amazon is unsure if 50,000 new employees will be an asset or liability to the strain on public transportation.

-Allen A Garzone II, Garzone Real Estate, Inc, Boston Real Estate Agent

Could A New England Patriots Super Bowl Win Predict Boston’s Sports Domination?

On Sunday, the New England Patriots go against the Philadelphia Eagles for the Superbowl LII title. After five wins, the Pats could join the Pittsburgh Steelers as being 6-time NFL Super Bowl champions.

There have been 11 parades in Boston since 2002 celebrating sports championships between the Patriots, Boston Celtics and the Boston Red Sox baseball team. Of those 11, only once did two teams have a parade in the same year: 2004.

This could be the year each team, including the Boston Bruins hockey team, bring home a championship. The Patriots are one game away, the Celtics are leading the Eastern conference, the Bruins are trailing behind the Tampa Bay Lightening and the Red Sox have arguably the best starting MLB lineup this season.

This may be the year Boston dominates all four leagues.


-Allen A Garzone II, Garzone Real Estate, Inc, Boston Real Estate Agent

The Time Boston Garden Got Snowed In

The blizzard of 1978 did not stop college hockey fans from attending the 26th annual Beanpot college ice hockey tournament, but it did keep them there longer than expected.

With 11,666 people in attendance at the Boston Garden for the opening round of the tournament, fans showed up for a great hockey game on February 6, 1978 and experienced so much more. People came from all over to watch Boston University take on Boston College.

Bostonians knew a winter storm was coming, but had no idea how much precipitation it would bring. The blizzard ushered in 27.1 inches of snow over four days and caused extensive damage, making it a catastrophic snow storm.

During the match-up, game officials warned attendees of the worsening conditions and although some left to prepare for the storm, many stayed behind. By the end of the game, in which Boston University toppled Boston College, game officials told everyone to stay.

Metro Boston Transit Authority (MBTA) had shut down and cars were buried in snow. There were a few who still tried to venture their way home to no avail.

The Garden did offer hot dogs, coffee and soda to those who stayed overnight. Many stayed for days, and enjoyed television, card games and beer pong during their unexpected stay.

Boston was under a state of emergency for four days. on the fourth day, the stadium cleared all remaining people.

The next round of the tournament game was postponed until March 1,when Boston University beat Harvard.

-Allen A Garzone II, Garzone Real Estate, Inc, Boston Real Estate Agent