Amazon Bringing Jobs to Seaport?

While Boston is vying with other cities like Philadelphia and Jacksonville for Amazon’s second headquarters, the retail giant is looking to bring over 2,000 jobs to the Seaport area.

Amazon filed documents with the Boston Planning and Development Agency to lease 430,000 square feet of a new development in Seaport. The negotiation also has an option to lease additional space in the new Seaport Square space.

In exchange, Amazon is promising 2,000 more jobs by 2025.

The location is thought to be along East Service Road. Construction on the building alone will bring 800 jobs and would be scheduled to be completed in two years.

The potential 20-million-dollar project is also proposing Amazon make a large payment instead of property tax fees, if the company delivers on jobs as and when promised.


-Allen A Garzone II, Garzone Real Estate, Inc, Boston Real Estate Agent

Home Sales Decline 4.9 Percent in January

Pre-existing homes were a bit tougher to sell in the beginning of 2018, the hardest in three years.

According to The National Association of Realtors, the pending home sales index dropped to 104.6% down 4.7 percent. New single-family homes and pre-existing home both fell during the beginning of the year.

With the demands of homes rising, its causing the home prices to rise too and discouraging homebuyers. Some are beginning to be deemed unaffordable by first-time homebuyers in larger markets.

Mortgage rates are now at a 4-year-high. Also, the new tax code make economists unsure of the future for home sales in 2018.

Although job markets are looking good and more Americans have steady incomes, the rising mortgage rate is alarming homebuyers from purchasing a new home.



-Allen A Garzone II, Garzone Real Estate, Inc, Boston Real Estate Agent

Rising Mortgage Rates Are Causing Declining Mortgage Applications

The mortgage application numbers fell 6.6% last week due to rising mortgage interest rates. Potential home buyers are holding off applying for homes in an attempt to save money and get the best rate possible for a new home.

The number of applications was 3.5% higher this time last year.

Homeowners trying to refinance their homes have cautioned with the interest rate, with number of refinance applications falling 7%. This time last year, it was 2.8% higher. the refinance share dropped to 44% for total applications last week and was at 46% the week before. This is the lowest recorded since July 2017.

More homeowners are taking out home equity lines of credit than refinancing.

With the rising home market values, potential homebuyers are at risk for purchasing a home for over $500 more annually with the rising mortgage rates now than previously. Adjustable home rates are looking more attractive to potential homebuyers because of their lower interest rates, however the risk of a shorter payoff rate (15-year payoff) is a drawback.

-Allen A Garzone II, Garzone Real Estate, Inc, Boston Real Estate Agent




The Hottest Irish Pubs in Boston

Bull’s McCabe

bulls mccabe boston

366 Somerville Avenue Somerville, MA

Looking for an Irish pub with live music and great food in Somerville? Bull’s McCabe is the perfect spot for a great night, no matter the day of the week. The beer is served cold witha wide selection. Don’t miss the $2 tacos on taco Tuesday, though!


Doyle’s Cafe

Image result for doyle's cafe boston

3484 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA

Whether you’re visiting the Boston Beer Company around the corner or making your rounds on a bar crawl, Doyle’s Cafe is a must-stop and a premier Irish pub in Boston. Doyle’s was the first bar to feature Boston Lager on tap and offers exclusive Samuel Adams beer tastings.

J.J. Foley’s

Image result for jj foley's boston

117 East Berkeley Street Boston, MA

The oldest Irish pub in Boston is a flagship destinations for beer lovers. J.J Foley’s attracts patrons with more than beer–The food is delicious. The Bangers and Mash is a fan-favorite,and the beer is served cold all day and night.

L Street Tavern

Image result for l street tavern

658 East 8th Street Boston MA

Good Will Hunting won an Oscar and was filmed in The L Tavern! The dark pub feel and great local and tourist crowds. This watering hole is a staple in the Boston community. The bartenders are known for making everyone feel at home and serve as great tourist guides for happenings downtown.


The Black Rose

Image result for l street tavern

160 State Street, Boston MA

This New England pub should be dubbed New Ireland. In business for over 40 years, The Black Rose serves American and Irish food and drinks with traditional live Irish music. Don’t miss the karaoke! Come for a pint of Guinness or a cup of Irish Coffee.


-Allen A Garzone II, Garzone Real Estate, Inc, Boston Real Estate Agent

Arrival of Russia-Linked Natural Gas Tanker at Boston Harbor Raises Questions


The Gaselys—a tanker filled with liquified natural gas from Russia—arrived in Boston Harbor at the end of January.  The contents of this shipment are earmarked to power homes in Boston and the surrounding area, but the shipment itself raises questions as to whether the Gaselys is violating sanctions on Russia.  The timing of the shipment is suspect to many pundits because the Trump administration recently placed sanctions on Russian energy companies.  These economic sanctions were placed on Russian businesses and people as a statement against Vladimir Putin’s 2014 invasion of the Ukraine.

The Gaselys’ arrival at Boston Harbor technically does not violate the sanctions because it is a French-owned vessel, belonging to a French energy trader.  The shipment also contains fuel from various European nations, in addition to the Russian fuel.  However, the shipment comes at a time when President Trump is under fire for possibly allowing Russian hackers to meddle in United States elections, as well as his possibly friendly relationship with Putin.  Energy traders and political pundits alike question the circuitous route the tanker took to Boston, some questioning how effective the sanctions truly are.

Guest Chef Concept Brings Fresh Vibe to Boston Restaurants


This Valentine’s Day, why not do something different with the typical dinner date?  Four Boston restaurants announced they will kick off a guest chef series.  Wink and Nod, Mida, Omakase at Momi Nomni, and Moody’s Deli and Backroom have all started a guest chef series this winter.  Using a guest chef allows a restaurant to infuse their eatery with new energy, whilst keeping their beloved menu.  Guest chefs also bring a more intimate vibe to a restaurant, making the experience feel like breaking bread with friends.

Sunday Supper at Wink and Nod is a chance for guest chefs to blend their unique flair with Wink and Nod’s already diverse menu.  Sunday Supper plates are $60 per person and reservations are required.  #MangiaMonday—a weekly all-you-can-eat pasta experience at Mida—is already a major draw for the restaurant, but is expected to be made even better by the presence of guest chefs.  The #MangiaMonday dishes reflect the cuisine of many cultures and are $35 per person.  Omakase at Momi Nomni chef Chris Chung is disregarding his own menu and letting his guest chefs take the wheel every Monday, beginning February 5th.  This culinary experiment costs $150 (extra for beverage pairing) per person and reservations are required.  Moody’s Deli and Backroom announced a new Chef Takeover series, starting February 21st.  Chef Joshua Smith is importing his chef friends from all over the country to take on his rustic chic menu, as well as add their own flair.  Chef Takeover is $85 per person (extra for optional drinks) and reservations are required.

Have a date that’s not the flowers-and-candy type?  These guest chef experiences are just the ticket for a more memorable V-Day.

Just in Time for Valentine’s Day: Cheers and 75 Chestnut Restaurateur Unveils 75 on Courthouse Square



As of January 26th, One Seaport’s latest restaurant is open for business.  75 on Courthouse Square has been described as an upscale American-style bar and grill, which takes the classic fare of Thomas Kershaw’s other restaurants—such as herbed clam chowder, sirloin sandwiches, and roasted beef tenderloin—to a more gourmet level.  Restaurateur Thomas Kershaw operates several restaurants in the Boston area, such as the original Cheers, 75 Chestnut, and Hampshire House.  The One Seaport address makes 75 on Courthouse Square an excellent Valentine’s Day destination, as it is located near the Grand nightclub, a 16-lane bowling alley, and La Colombe Coffee Roasters.

At 7,000 square feet, 75 on Courthouse Square is Kershaw’s largest restaurant.  75 on Courthouse Square is only open for dinner at this time, but Kershaw promises the posh comfort food establishment will soon be open for brunch.  Brunch will include a build-your-own bloody Mary bar.  In the meantime, diners can order Kershaw restaurants’ spin on pumpkin ravioli, Nantucket seafood stew, Meyer lemon chicken breast, and pan-seared Atlantic cod with chorizo.