Seaport staple…say goodbye

It was here at the start … it weathered the storms (literally) .. but now we must say goodbye to Salvatore’s.

Why, you ask ask? Well, for a business to make it in the seaport, it needs to gross $200k/month just to cover rent apparently – $40k. You heard that right. Forty thousand dollars per month. Are the owners irrationally exuberant in this booming market? Perhaps … but, small price to pay to be in the center of the hub’s universe.

Painful? Sal’s wait staff thought so too as they were only given 18 days notice. Probably not the restaurant’s fault, though. We all know how these negotiations work.

Priced at that level, what venue can make it work? What might replace Sal’s? Another high end, boujie, over the top “it” spot? Can’t wait to go there and drop a car payment on dinner and drinks.



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