Guest Chef Concept Brings Fresh Vibe to Boston Restaurants


This Valentine’s Day, why not do something different with the typical dinner date?  Four Boston restaurants announced they will kick off a guest chef series.  Wink and Nod, Mida, Omakase at Momi Nomni, and Moody’s Deli and Backroom have all started a guest chef series this winter.  Using a guest chef allows a restaurant to infuse their eatery with new energy, whilst keeping their beloved menu.  Guest chefs also bring a more intimate vibe to a restaurant, making the experience feel like breaking bread with friends.

Sunday Supper at Wink and Nod is a chance for guest chefs to blend their unique flair with Wink and Nod’s already diverse menu.  Sunday Supper plates are $60 per person and reservations are required.  #MangiaMonday—a weekly all-you-can-eat pasta experience at Mida—is already a major draw for the restaurant, but is expected to be made even better by the presence of guest chefs.  The #MangiaMonday dishes reflect the cuisine of many cultures and are $35 per person.  Omakase at Momi Nomni chef Chris Chung is disregarding his own menu and letting his guest chefs take the wheel every Monday, beginning February 5th.  This culinary experiment costs $150 (extra for beverage pairing) per person and reservations are required.  Moody’s Deli and Backroom announced a new Chef Takeover series, starting February 21st.  Chef Joshua Smith is importing his chef friends from all over the country to take on his rustic chic menu, as well as add their own flair.  Chef Takeover is $85 per person (extra for optional drinks) and reservations are required.

Have a date that’s not the flowers-and-candy type?  These guest chef experiences are just the ticket for a more memorable V-Day.

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