What is A Super Blue Blood Moon?

Does the moon leak blue blood? Not exactly. But the phenomenon is one for the eyes to see. If you missed it when it occured early January 31st in the U.S., this is what it was all about.

A Super Blue Blood Moon happens it’s a full moon twice in a calendar month. Hence, the term, ‘Once in a Blue Moon’. However, the super moon comes into play when the moon is visably close. The moon orbits the earth in an ellipse, so sometimes the moon appears significantly closer to the earth than others.

Also, when this occurs during a lunar eclipse, it is quite a sight to see. As this moon passes Earth’s shadow, it gives off a red tinge in the sky.

When this happened in early rising hours across the country, many may have missed it or in places where the view wasnt so great. People on the west coast had the best view of the moon stepping into the Earth’s shadow, but many may have been asleep when it happened.

-Allen A Garzone II, Garzone Real Estate, Inc, Boston Real Estate Agent

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