Bored in Boston? Not Likely.

pexels-photo-275606.jpegMillions of tourists flock to Boston each year.  This can be partially attributed to the unique history and impressive diversity of Boston, which sets the stage for an incredibly vast selection of entertainment options.  Although the average tourist and Boston local probably knows about popular attractions such as Fenway Park and the Freedom Trail guided tours, there are several other historical sites, museums, and architectural attractions to provide culture seekers with a true Boston experience.  These attractions are not necessarily seasonal, but it pays to research them, as many have subtle seasonal draws.  For example, the Peabody Essex Museum—which is located towards the middle of Salem—is especially colorful around Halloween.

The Waterfront alone boasts many museums and historical sites to satisfy an appetite for culture.  Maritime and aquatic attractions, such as the U.S.S. Constitution, Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, and the New England Aquarium, call the Waterfront home.  Waterfront tourists can also enjoy other sites, such as the Institute of Contemporary Art and the Boston Children’s Museum.

History buffs can expand their horizons at John F. Kennedy’s childhood home in Brookline, Museum of African American History, and the Park Street Church.  Churches, academic halls, and cathedrals, such as Trinity Church, Harvard Memorial Hall, Bapst Library, and Old North Church, offer a glimpse into Boston’s architectural diversity.

No matter the motivation for getting out and about in Bean Town, Boston has something for everyone.

– Allen A Garzone II, Garzone Real Estate, Inc, Boston Real Estate Agent

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